“ They laughed when we launched Kaffé Direct, but - then they saw the ‘MAGIC’...

Served Once ~ Profit for LIFE…!”​

Imagine seeing extra cash cascading  into your pocket 1,095 times yearly per household without washing another cup!

How does that work, I hear you ask?

Hold on to your hat!

Research shows, for every 10 coffees
consumed, only ONE is served in a coffee shop

Actually, National Statistics show UK households drink on average, 3 coffees every day – that’s 1,095 every year.

What does this mean for you?

Imagine… serving a customer once, but then getting paid every time they have a coffee at home!

Here’s Some Really Good Red Hot Breaking News

As a Kaffé Direct Venue, serving the Worlds Healthiest Best Tasting Coffee – 100% Whole Bean Herbal Coffee – YOU could start seeing extra cash cascading into your pocket, automatically, by ACTING NOW!


Here’s the shocking reality…  

You are now having to compete with more coffee shops and outlets serving ordinary coffee, because they’re now springing up everywhere, almost overnight.

Have you noticed, walking along any street, your potential customers are bombarded with the ‘same old – same old’ options.

At last, a solution!

Discovered – the perfect healthy choice for you to offer your customers – become a Kaffé Direct Venue – the one place new customers walk into, wanting and willingly to spend good money on the option they want most…

The Worlds Healthies Best Tasting Coffee

Ironically, it’s not surprising your competitors are wishing to find the magic answers to win the race, in claiming more new customers than you, because that’s what brings in the extra PROFIT, isn’t it?

Here’s what your competitors are saying…and the questions they’re asking themselves…

1. What can I do to increase my customer average sale value and consequently, my bottom line profits?
2. How can I attract and pull in NEW customers and secure their loyalty?
3. How can I ensure service standards and quality is maintained when I’m not
 on site?
4. How can I get good staff – incentivise them and keep them?
5. How can I find and secure an additional – in-demand – revenue earner to make a REAL Difference to my bottom line profits?

Now Picture This...

It’s just like you've discovered
‘the Genie of the lamp!’


Now, since the launch of Kaffé Direct, the laughing has stopped and the excited buzz has begin. Kaffé is no ordinary coffee.

Kaffé is unique – because it’s created from the perfect coffee bean – the Panama Boquete Gesha Bean, which fundamentally differs from most coffee beans used by other companies, because it has four chromosome, where others only have two. 

This gives the Panama Boquete Gesha Bean the ability to produce more flavonoids, that’s why it’s the most flavoursome coffee – voted for the past fourteen years running by the
World Coffee Association, as the ‘BEST TASTING BEAN!’

And there’s more MAGIC from Kaffé, because it is fortified with
‘CHAGA’ – the ‘King of Medicinal Mushrooms’ – justifying it’s acclaim as The Worlds Healthiest Coffee!

Applying, securing and establishing your Kaffé Direct Venue could ‘Release the Genie in your Business’ to magically grant your customers wishes, giving them exactly what they WANT…


Healthy IS the Buzz Word that’s now creating and empowering a potential TRILLION POUND, new market BONANZA.

Just imagine the implications…

People the World over are waking up –
Folks are looking to protect their health and well-being – realising if they don’t look after their bodies, where else are they going to live.

Suddenly the answer came to them – all the wealth in the world is actually totally worthless, without good health…

Today this ‘Drink Healthy Culture Crowd’ are prepared to spend for pleasure and protection, on the only real thing that everyone truly WANTS…GOOD HEALTH ~ CHEERS to KAFFÉ!

The MAGIC starts for you, the moment you register and your business enrolment is accepted as a Kaffé Direct Venue.

Now Serving…

pavement sign mockup


Now, displaying this exclusive, dynamic Kaffé Direct SWING SIGN creates the BUZZ and starts turning heads that turns a couple, swiftly into a crowd of new customers, BUZZING into your Venue, like bees to a Honey Pot!

Imagine turning your enterance, into a virtual Red Carpet Cat Walk – literally walking NEW customer’s right into your Kaffé Direct Venue

– like they were on a Magical Red Carpet Ride!

Here’s how!

Kaffé Direct – compelling, eye popping – attention grabbing swing signs, not only turn heads, but turn new customers into regular customers… and that’s what makes the extra money, isn’t it?

Imagine cashing in on the other 9 out of 10 who drink coffee at their leisure, at home, whilst you continue to profit ~ even if you never see or serve them again!

Card copy

"Picture you being paid every time
your customers enjoy KAFFE at home"

Here’s how…

Simply provide every customer with this unique – “YOU’RE INVITED” INVITATION CARD

Imagine you getting paid automatically on every mug of KAFFE families enjoy at home – you getting paid even while you are closed – even while you are on holiday!


‘Thank You’ payments are tracked world-wide, by your unique Kaffé Direct Venue ID and automatically credited to your Brand
Partner Account, effectively increasing your PROFITS every time Preferred Customers re-order Kaffé Direct.

Imagine being paid time after time after time, by ‘Loyal Customers’ drinking Kaffé at home, wherever that maybe, even if you never see or serve that customer again!

That’s Kaffé Direct MAGIC… because no other coffee supplier helps you to cash in and profit from coffee drinkers at home!

The simple truth is this… this world leading research and manufacturing company save the money others pay out for lavish
extravagant media advertising, instead they SHARE IT WITH YOU

What could be more fair?


Here’s even more ‘MAGIC’

Kaffé Direct customers taste it once and then tell their friends about their exciting new discovery in your Kaffé Direct Venue which creates the BUZZ for you…

The BUZZ that brings swarms of new customer’s a’ BUZZING into your business, like Bees to a Honey Pot!

See and hear what people are saying…

“Hi Sally… Listen, you’ll never guess what?
I’ve discovered something so exciting… I’m just bursting to share with you!
…Give you a clue?
Can’t over the phone… it would spoil the surprise…
just drop everything and join me down at The ‘Coffee Shack’… Yes right now… this’ll blow your socks off!
No No No… I’m not telling you more on the phone, get yourself down here, you’ll be glad you did… see you in 5!”

Word-Of-Mouth-Advertising – Guaranteed

Best in the World... and FREE!

This is what happens when you become a new Kaffé Direct Venue – see how the buzz propels you above your competition.

Here’s how to become a NUMBER ONE choice Kaffé Direct Venue – START by applying and enrol today to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Ironically, there are only three kinds of outlets serving coffee…

– which are you going to choose?

1. The kind that make things happen
2. The kind that watch things happen
3. The kind that simply doesn’t know what’s happening!

Now, it’s your time to decide…
It’s true… it’s the START that STOPS most people!

Questions are the answers…

Here’s the Golden Question that can unlock your customers extra cash spend in your Kaffé Direct Venue
The question all staff will enjoy asking… Ten magic words that work!

“Would you like to upgrade to our New Healthy HERBAL coffee?”

Empty cups, empty tables...
Looks like the parties over!

Actually, the exact opposite is the shocking truth…

Ironically, Magically, Kaffé Direct Venues see cash cascading in 24×7, whenever and wherever Loyal Preferred Customers continue to enjoy Kaffé

  • At Home
  • At their leisure
  • Or simply unzipping a sachet on-the-go...

Picture you, sitting – relaxing – feet up after a busy night – empty tables – empty house – yet you’re still smiling, because the cash is still cascading in!

That’s Kaffé Direct MAGIC!

…but then they saw the ‘Magic’…

Here’s one more crucially important
piece of Magic

For you to satisfy customers who still WANT an Espresso or French Press Cafeteria – here’s the perfect answer…

The Worlds Healthiest Best Tasting, Premium Panama Boquete Gesha Ultra-Rich Black Ground Coffee – now in 12 oz Bags

Great News, because, imagine how long the line would be if each person liked exactly the same thing!

The simple truth is this…

While each customer has different tastes, each also has one fascinating trait in common…

They all buy what they WANT…

And don’t forget this… They now want to ‘Drink Healthy’

Fact is… Kaffé is no ordinary coffee – Kaffé is UniqueOriginalRevolutionary – and that’s not all… It’s Unavailable Elsewhere – can’t be bought from any supermarket – this truly is the USP you’ve always wished for, so act now – you’ll be glad you did!

If you still have a question, the right question is this… and what people are now saying…

“Could a Kaffé a day keep the doctor away?”

  • Immune Enhancer*
  • Memory Power*
  • Energy Booster*
  • Digestion Support*
  • Youth Regeneration*
  • Heart Health*

If in doubt - check it out: www.PubMed.gov

...See the Magic...
taste and enjoy the fun with the Flying Start - Kaffé Direct -Rapid Business Builder New Venue Package

“They laughed when we launched KAFFE Direct - because we were different…

Now we’re laughing at them,
because they’re all the same!

Here’s your answer…

Start by applying TODAY

Right now while there may still be an opportunity free in your area

See if you can secure first mover advantage with establishing your KAFFE Direct Venue on your street!

But BEWARE! – There’s a WARNING of RISK

Actually, the only real risk you run, is letting a competitor beat you to it…

Complete your details right now - you’ll be glad you did!

“YES…now grab the key to reveal the riches now well within your reach

Picture your coffee loving customers spreading this story
and boosting your business…

"Once upon a time…

We wasted money

drinking weak, frothy coffee

that did nothing for our health…”

NOW we all enjoy KAFFE while protecting and boosting our good health too…

Formulated with natures researched discoveries ~ Herbal ingredients that may support and protect against…

  • Dementia
  • Anxiety
  • Ageing
  • Tumors
  • Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Stree
  • Cholesterol
  • Inflammation
  • While Boosting IMMUNE SYSTEM


* Coffee Franchise Fee - £18,000
* Coffee Franchise Fee - £26,500 + VAT

Honestly…why would you pay thousands £££’s for training to make the same coffee as your competitors?

No Revenue sharing ~ You keep ALL KAFFE PROFITS




Cafetiere ~ So Easy ~ Even Grandma LOVES IT!

Actually, the truth is, customers are not really interested waiting and then paying for the 'THEATRE' and performance of producing fancy patterns and images floating on froth - only to then discover the mug is HALF EMPTY OF ACTUAL DRINKABLE WEAK COFFEE!

Cafetiere ~ No Fuss ~ No Froth ~ No Bitter Aftertaste...

“It’s the START that STOPS most people!”

Start serving- sharing and enjoying KAFFE Riches from today…

Get the Edge…
Be Different…

Wagging tongues turn couples into crowds…

See them buzzing
into your business
Like Bees to Honey!

See if you can
Pulling in

Just give it a try

£38, 107 bottom line profits this year…

Your Guarantee

See where KAFFE comes from…

Direct to you – no middlemen – produced in a ‘state of the art’ – leading world class manufacturing facility

With an investment exceeding $100 million – guarantees your satisfaction

Completion of your account details, together with your initial order, elevates your business as a KAFFE Direct Venue, with the Worlds Best Tasting, Healthiest, HERBAL Coffee

Now, with your very own direct from manufacturers online account, your business has a truly Unique Selling Proposition, because KAFFE is only available with a DIRECT Account!

Deliveries are currently by UPS, normally delivered within 7 working days

A signature will be required upon delivery of each consignment

To ensure continuity of your supplies, an Auto Ship will be activated on a monthly rota, which you can simply update online in accordance with your needs

Complete your ‘Don’t miss out’ details…

“How to pump up your PROFITS!”

Secure your flying start  HERBAL KAFFE

promotional pack ~ register first mover

advantage at your location NOW!


Here’s what you receive…

*     4 Bags Premium Black Ground KAFFE
        96 Cafetiere servings = @ 2.95 + £283

*    2 off Custom crafted – rustic wooden 
       promotional flyers and invitation card
       POS units

*     100 off Premium – full colour
     – Dynamic double sided promotional
      flyers ~ turn couples into crowds…

*     100 off Premium quality invitation cards
     created to build Home Delivery membership

*      Ongoing membership support

     £197  FREE shipping option today

All subject to availability

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